Saturday, November 29, 2008


So I've been eyeing off an MP3 player for christmas for myself - need something to keep me a tad motivated when we are out walking as the girls tend to both nod off to sleep - epsecially when we are out walking in the afternoon.

Found this very funky looking one called the "Pebble" made by Samsung - I am loving the silvery coloured one - well most of the colours infact! For under $50AUD they are quite reasonable - especially when it is likely to end up being pegged across the room by one or both of my girls, and in Zahli's big gob being chewed on LOL!

After having a fairly major hiccup with the girls' planned christmas present of a wooden kitchen set ie. stove + sink. We had enquired a few months back at a local educational toy shop and was told to call in mid-late november as they would have more instock - well I went in and of course they haven't received ANY and they have NO IDEA when they are getting more :( They blamed it on the supplier - apparently is very sparodic and months between bulk orders arriving so no guarantee they would arrive in time... I am back at square 1 and our options are (1) Buy a cheaper version in the meantime until we can get one made for the girls or (2) just wait until late january and get the one I really want.

At this stage we are planning on purchasing from Encounter Centre , a couple of hours south o ADelaide. The people who make them are volunteers and the prices are almost half of most other suppliers. Makaia's birthday is the first week of January, so we will just play a belated christmas day when they arrive via courier.. The girls will get spoilt enough between the 4 sets of grandparents they have, plus other aunts and uncles

This is the stove i've picked out (I'm planning on buying similar saucepan set instead of wooden - easier to keep clean after mud-pie making)

And the matching sink - stainless steel bowl = perfect for 'cooking' as it won't stain! Bonus!

It took me SO long to decide which ones I wanted - I am not a fan of the ghastly bright coloured furniture for the toy room which is predominatley pink/brown/orange and want something that will be suitable for future children on the chance that we will have boy/s.

I can't wait for them to arrive now! Late january seems so long away. I have a whole heap of wooden kitchen accessories ready for christmas presents for the girls and am planning on making some pretend soft felt/fabric cakes and donuts for them with an online tutorial I found somewhere (will link once they are complete!)

So now I am on the hunt for some 'extra' christmas goodies for the girls (almost 3yo and 1yo) as the kitchen will be delayed... :( Would never have thought everywhere in the state would be sold out until after christmas, when christmas was over 6weeks away when I made the enquiries!
No idea what happened with the text at the end here (oops!)

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Honeybomb Bay said...

Those kitchen units are really cool - I'm tossing up right now whether to buy a readymade wooden one in pastels or to convert some Ikea furniture..