Saturday, November 29, 2008

Engagement Cake! WOW

I was enlisted to make my brothers engagement cake recently. *congrats to him and his fiance!*
Request was - double layer - choc mud bottom layer and white choc top layer with red/white/black theme and a similar pattern to their invites that looked like this from

Found some awesome paper in a local art shop that 'specializes' a bit in custom wedding invites and thought it to be a pretty close match to the invites!

Here's the finished product all ready to go to the party!

I had to cut the paper into stripes wide enough to cover the sides of the cake and join them together to make on continuous strip to join at the back of the cake.

The pattern was a different part of the paper on the top and bottom to give it a bit of variety. At over $3 for an A4 sheet it was expensive just for a cake edge! :o

The cake top was covered in assorted ribbons in co-ordinating colours with edible icing love hearts in assorted colours - to match of course! (I love co-ordinating!)

I think I had near heart failure when people were standing near the cake flapping their elbows around as the top layer was just 'resting' on the pillars (which is normal for 'layered cakes')
Here they are cutting my beloved cake finally - brother had no idea WHERE to cut it so hence the stabbing motion ;)

This is what was left! Just the top layer of white mudcake as the bottom layer was more than enough for the 80 odd guests they had at the party! I think it's frozen in Mum's freezer waiting for a rainy/hungry day!

VERY VERY happy with this cake! Think it could pass as a wedding cake too! Hopefully some of the guests at the party will keep me in mind in the future for cake making :D

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