Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Apple and Stripe Delight

I made this top for a lovely 'Forum Friend' of mine - Kate. She fell in love with Makaia's when I made it and asked me to make on for her...

Made from Sandi Henderson's Apple Dot and Stripe Fabrics which I am TOTALLY in love with *still* even though I purchased them all months ago :p
So glad Kate chose purple for the buttons - really finishes it off perfectly!
Here's the final finished pic before I posted it...

The very beautiful Jazmyn modelling her new top - perfect fit!

An Action shot... ;)
(Just because she is so cute!!)

I think this pattern is definetley a keeper! Kate posted a link to the photo on a parenting forum and now I have a few more orders as a result! Thanks heaps Kate!!! :D

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