Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I made a cake for a lovely lady called Ceinwen on my "crazy pram ladies" forum and we were also invited to her daughter's Emily's 4th Birthday Party which was held at "The Fairies" Headquarters...

Here is the cake - loosely based on the Purple Fairy from "The Fairies" - I Think her name is Harmony? ? (I SHOULD Know this considering Makaia is addicted to fairies!)

It was a chocolate mud cake under all that icing and glitter - It taste DELICIOUS! First time i've made a mudcake so am quite pleased how it turned out and how it tasted! Definetley on the list for 'orders' now ;)

My piping is getting better and I was REALLY impressed with my fondant icing on the cake - it was perfect! Although you can't 'see' it cos it's covered with fairy glitter ;) My writing is pretty darn neat too! Especially considering it's freehand. Definetly the most enjoyable cake I have made so far!

Singing Happy Birthday to Emily - that's the "Rainbow Birthday Fairy" - What a fun job she has! Entertaining "Fairy" kids all day long and dancing around like a looney :p

Cutting the cake - VERY big knife for a little girl!
And here is one of Makaia just because I think she looked cute all dressed up in her fairy costume Nanna brought her... She was determined to wear a different one that is pink and SUPER short because mummy didn't realise it was a size 1 when she brought it - whoops!

Shame she wouldn't look at the camera! Was too busy watching all the other kids run around in the fairy party room!

Finally.. a 'group' shot in the Fairies Party Room - Just because the mural and paintings on the wall/floor/roof were very cool :)

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